Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lynch shot by hitman pal in double cross

Irish Herald

By Cormac Looney
Thursday April 02 2009
Murdered criminal David 'Fred' Lynch was double-crossed by an associate, who carried out a shooting for Lynch's gang last year.
The 26-year-old drug dealer was gunned down after arranging to meet his pal, a gangland hitman, at wasteground in Darndale on Sunday, gardai believe.
Officers suspect that Lynch received a phone call at a hotel where he was staying early on Sunday, asking him to meet at Belcamp Lane to plan a further attack on a rival gang in the increasingly violent Darndale drugs feud.
But it is thought that when Lynch turned up, his associate pulled a gun and shot him four times in the head.
The suspected hitman (24) remains in custody today, held under new gangland legislation which allows detectives to quiz suspects for a week. Gardai may go to Dublin District Court today to apply to extend him beyond the initial 48 hours.
The man's girlfriend (22) also remains in custody. She is not suspected of having a direct role in Lynch's murder, but she is being questioned on suspicion of withholding information. The pair were arrested at a city centre hotel early Tuesday morning.
The man was also detained for another murder attempt last year -- arranged by Lynch's own gang. He was arrested by gardai last summer over the attack, related to the ongoing feud between two Darndale-based criminal gangs.
The man's girlfriend was also arrested last summer over that attack. While the man is suspected of direct involvement in the attacks, she was questioned about withholding information about the crimes.
Gardai believe that the 24-year-old, who they regard as a gun for hire, has worked for both sides in the Darndale drugs feud. The shooting last year, in which a man was shot and injured in broad daylight in front of his young child, is believed to have been ordered by associates of Lynch.
Lynch was not in Dublin at the time of that attack.

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