Friday, 10 April 2009

Gangster made 'alibi call'

Irish herald

Friday April 10 2009
A veteran criminal has put himself under the garda spotlight after contacting them as a businessman was reporting he had been threatened at gunpoint.
Investigating officers believe the ageing Dubliner was giving himself an alibi as he would have been immediately put on their list of suspects.
The incident happened in Arklow town on Tuesday night when a man was roughed up by four thugs who described themselves as debt collectors.
The businessman alleged by them to owe up to €100,000 was threatened with a gun being put to his head.
The victim was not badly injured and did not require medical treatment. However the incident is understood to have been staged in order to frighten the victim and others allegedly in debt.
The suspected gang leader has a reputation for using strong-arm tactics and has been targeted several times by rival gangsters.

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