Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Dublin figure arrested with Limerick gang

Irish Herald

By Barry Duggan & Cormac Murphy
Wednesday January 21 2009
LINKS between feared criminals in Dublin and Limerick have been highlighted once again with the jailing of a man for obstructing a garda.
Scott Delaney (34), the son of criminal Joe 'Cotton-eye' Delaney, was arrested on Monday in the company of leading members of one of Limerick's feuding gangs.
Delaney, originally from Palmerstown in Dublin, was arrested around 9pm at Mill Road, Corbally, Limerick.
He was charged with obstructing Det Gda Thelma Watters of Mayorstone garda station and with giving false details to the officer.
Limerick District Court heard that, when he was arrested, Delaney was with people who had played leading roles in the city feud. He was near the St Mary's Park area, home to the Collopy gang, at the time.
The court heard that Delaney provided gardai with a current address at Fallowfield, Manchester. Following the hearing, he was jailed for three months.
Scott Delaney had a murder conviction quashed.
His father was convicted of the murder of Mark Dwyer (22), who was killed on December 14, 1996. Mr Dwyer was abducted, tortured and shot in the back of his head.
In 1999, Joe Delaney became the country's first ever convicted gangland murderer to be jailed for life.
Scott Delaney's sentencing came as tensions in Limerick cescalated after four vehicles were destroyed in arson attacks.
Just a month before Christy Keane -- a leading crime figure in the Keane gang -- is released from prison, gardai are on high alert after arson attacks on vehicles belonging to his relatives.
Meanwhile, Christy Keane's son Liam was yesterday jailed for 10 years along with another man after being caught with a loaded handgun in a stolen car.

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