Saturday, 5 November 2005

Gardai probe gang feud as man's body found dumped in mountains

By Tom BradySecurity Editor

Saturday November 05 2005
A MAN who was shot twice in the Wicklow mountains early yesterday may have been the latest victim of a bloody feud among drugs gangs.

The victim, who was on crutches, is believed to have been lured to his death by somebody he trusted and his body was then dumped on the edge of forestry at the Wicklow Gap.

Gardai were last night working on the theory that the man, who was in his 20s, was taken by car to Annalecka bridge between Glendalough and Hollywood. He was shot in the back as he hobbled out of the car with one leg in plaster, and as he lay on the ground he was shot in the eye.

A post-mortem examination on the body was being finalised late last night by State Pathologist Marie Cassidy at Naas hospital.

Gardai were also trying to confirm the victim's identity. Detectives think he may be a man reported missing by his family yesterday afternoon. The missing man is from west Dublin and has associates in a gang which has been involved in a lengthy feud with another gang.

One officer said: "This was a particularly vicious murder and it was carried out ruthlessly. It seems to have been done in the style of an execution and no attempt was made to conceal the body."

The body was left at the entrance to a track leading into the forestry and could be seen from the road.


It was spotted by a passer-by at around 7.40am and gardai were satisfied the man had been killed in the previous couple of hours, probably at the scene.

A handgun is believed to have been used, although gardai are awaiting the outcome of the post-mortem examination to confirm this. The victim was dressed in a blue tracksuit and one runner when he was found.

Anyone who drove along the road from Hollywood to Glendalough between 6am and 8am is asked to contact gardai on (045) 865582.

- Tom BradySecurity Editor

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