Sunday, 20 November 2005


Sunday Tribune

John Roche (24) was shot dead on 9 March in Kilmainham in the "rst gangland killing of the year.

He had been involved in the four-year feud that reemerged last week and left three further men dead, including Roche's older brother Noel.

42-year-old Dubliner Jimmy Curran was shot dead on 3 April as he sat drinking in the Green Lizard pub in Dublin city centre. He was not a criminal. A man has since been charged in relation to his killing.

Joseph Rafferty was murdered on 12 April outside his home at Ongar in west Dublin.

Rafferty's family have made public their belief that he was targeted by a Provisional IRAlinked criminal. Sinn Fein deny this. Rafferty was not connected to criminal activity.

Terry Dunleavy (27, BELOW LEFT) was shot dead on 14 April outside his girlfriend's home near Croke Park, reportedly due to a 40,000 debt owed to one of the gang-leaders involved in the four-year feud that saw John Roche and three others killed this year so far.

Traveller Hughie McGinley (26) was shot dead on 28 April as he drove his van through Sligo town with his partner and young child. The killing is related to a feud between two different gangs in the western town that has seen several shootings and attempted killings.

Andrew 'Madser' Glennon (30) was assassinated on 30 April in Clonee, Co Meath.

His brother Mark, a major dealer in cocaine, was also killed "ve months later in the same feud between rival drug gangs in the western suburbs of Dublin.

Mark Byrne (31) from Tallaght was on day release from Mountjoy prison on 5 May when he was stopped on the street across from the Mater Hospital by a gunman and shot dead. He had previously been involved in a row with another prisoner in Mountjoy.

Martin Kenny (22) was in his girlfriend's home in Ballyfermot on the evening of 14 May when a gunman broke in and shot him dead. He was known to gardai but was not a major player.

Tony Creed (36) was shot dead in his own bedroom in his Clondalkin home on 27 May. The killing is believed to relate to a dispute which the dead man was having with some local men at the time.

He was involved in selling drugs but was not a major dealer.

Vincent O'Brien (53) was shot dead at his home in Bray on 10 August. A small-time drug dealer, the killing was believed to be connected to a long-running row with another criminal.

Eric Cummins (31) was shot dead outside his home in Ballincollig in Cork on 13 August. He was linked to drugs gangs in Limerick and was also heavily involved in the illicit drugs trade in Cork.

Andrew Dillon (29) was shot dead and his body dumped at a remote boreen outside Ashbourne, Co Meath on 18 August. He was involved in drug-related criminal activity but was not a major "gure.

Mark Glennon (32) was shot dead on 7 September outside his Blanchardstown home. A brother of Andrew 'Madser' Glennon, he was a former member of the notorious Westies gang.

David Nunan (25) was shot in the back and dumped outside Parteen in Co Clare on 28 October. He was involved in crime in Limerick and was recently released from prison.

Owen McCarthy (27) was shot dead and his body dumped at Annalecka bridge near Hollywood in Wicklow on 4 November. A minor criminal from Clondalkin, he had been targeted by a Dublin gang previously.

Gavin Byrne and Darren Geoghegan were gunned down after being lured to a meeting on Dublin's southside with criminals last Sunday, 13 November. The two are believed to have been killed in retaliation for John Roche's murder in March. It was the "rst double gangland murder in several years.

Drug dealer Noel Roche (27), younger brother of John Roche, was shot dead last Tuesday, 15 November, when a car in which he was a passenger came under "re as it drove through Clontarf. His is the latest gangland killing of the bloody fouryear feud.
November 20, 2005

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