Sunday, 24 October 2010

Gardaí on alert to prevent gang hit at time of Griffin course case

Sunday Tribune

Ali Bracken, Crime Correspondent
GANGLAND criminal Christy Griffin is due to appear in court on 13 December appealing his life sentence conviction, and gardaí have already made preparations to try and avert another murder attempt – linked to the Sheriff Street feud – planned to coincide with his next court appearance.
Last Monday, a man was shot in Swords and another man was seriously assaulted in a retaliation attack. The shooting was planned to coincide with Griffin's court appearance that day. Griffin is involved in a long-running appeal against his life sentence after he was convicted of the rape and sexual abuse of his partner's daughter.
Griffin (40), of Canon Lillis Avenue, Dublin, was once the leader of a close-knit group of criminals in the Sheriff Street area, but the gang became involved in the country's most bitter gangland feud when allegations of Griffin's abuse of a child came to light eight years ago, tearing the gang apart and resulting in five murders to date.
One faction of the gang sided with Griffin when the rape allegations first emerged, while the other faction believed the victim and turned on Griffin. The first victim of the feud was shot dead in December 2006 and the latest in July last. A source said that, almost without fail, there are planned shootings or beatings carried out each time Griffin makes a court appearance. Some have been averted by gardaí because of an increased presence in the area and intelligence-led operations.
"Almost without fail every time Griffin appears in court, there is violence, or at least planned violence and shootings. This feud is still very bitter and emotive. The only way it will ever end is when Christy Griffin dies," said a source. "We are making plans to try and stop any shootings being carried out on 13 December, when he is up in court again."
October 24, 2010

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