Monday, 2 November 2009

Prison gang feud behind knife attacks

Irish Herald

By Cormac Looney and Charlie Mallon
Monday November 02 2009
Two prisoners have been attacked with knives at Mountjoy Prison in an ongoing row between Finglas and Crumlin criminals.
The incidents occurred during the past two weeks and are believed to have been carried out by a gang centred around thug Leroy Dumbrell.
The inmate (22), who has 57 previous convictions, has emerged as a senior figure among criminals at the jail during the past year.
Despite his young age, prison sources said Dumbrell, the young brother of notorious criminal Warren Dumbrell, has established himself as the leader of an Inchicore-Crumlin gang.
They are based in the B1 wing of the prison and are involved in a dispute with Finglas criminals based in the B3 wing.
Associates of Dumbrell are suspected of involvement in two reported attacks over the past fortnight, which led to Finglas inmates being injured.
The attacks are suspected to have been carried out by Neil Fitzgerald, a Crumlin gunman.
Fitzgerald, who has 77 previous convictions, has previously spent time in protective custody as a result of threats made to him behind bars.
He is serving a 12-year sentence after he was convicted for producing a semi-automatic pistol in an effort to evade arrest in Dolphin's Barn in July 2008.
Dumbrell came to prominence when he was convicted in 2006 for an unprovoked attack on man, who lost his eyesight after being struck in the face.
The man was walking his dog when he was confronted by Dumbrell, who was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment for the crime.
He has since been joined behind bars by his two brothers, Warren and Jeffrey, who are serving life sentences handed down last year for murdering a man outside an Inchicore flats complex.
Warren (35) is regarded as one of the country's most dangerous criminals and has previously staged a riot at Mountjoy.
He is now incarcerated at the Midlands' Prison in Portlaoise.
- Cormac Looney and Charlie Mallon

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