Friday, 23 October 2009

Gangs sourcing drugs from Pakistan

Irish Herald

Friday October 23 2009
Irish criminal gangs are now getting their drug consignments directly from sources in Colombia and Pakistan, a new report has revealed.
Gardai have already established that as many as nine Irish gangs are operating in continental Europe. While much of the heroin trafficked through Europe is controlled by Turkish gangs, the new report conducted by Europol has revealed that a significant amount of heroin for the Irish and UK markets is sourced directly from Colombia and Pakistan.
The report also assesses international criminal gangs that are active in Ireland. It claims that west African and Nigerian gangs are expanding their activities in Ireland to Europe and now have a role in the final distribution of cocaine and cannabis in Ireland.
The gangs are also exclusively responsible for the trafficking of Nigerian victims for sxual exploitation, while Lithuanian criminal gangs in Ireland are thought to be distributing illegal cigarettes counterfeit goods, and also introducing the drug methamphetamine to the market.

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