Monday, 28 September 2009

Knife gang bloodbath

Irish Herald

By Kevin Doyle
Monday September 28 2009
DETECTIVES today detailed the bloodbath outside a Dublin pub between drugs gangs which left a man dead.
A hatchet, knives, broken glass and hurleys were used in the melee between the 20-strong rivals.
Detectives described how the fight, which claimed the life of Manchester criminal Jason Martin, unfolded:
- the two drugs gangs squared off after watching the Bernard Dunne world title fight
- the battle then progressed outside Hannigen's pub, Ballyfermot
- a car pulled up supplying one of the gangs with weapons
- an axe was used to bludgeon one of the victims
- when gardai arrived they too were confronted by the mob
The bloodbath is further evidence of Ireland's growing knife culture -- with many teens tooling up before going out for the night.
Martin, who died after the fight from knife wounds, was wanted by UK police for serious crime offences.
He was hiding out here with the help of local drug dealers.
The vicious fight saw gardai confronted by gangs of men as they tried to intervene.
It is believed that those behind the violence arrived in cars to supply weapons such as knives, bats, hurleys and even a hatchet.
A second man -- from the Kylemore Road area -- remains in a serious condition in Tallaght Hospital.
The shocking series of events began after a large crowd congregated in Hannigan's pub at Park West following Bernard Dunne's world title boxing match.
Gardai believe that many of those involved only arrived at the pub after attending the fight in The O2.
A local source told the Herald: “Some of those fighting on the same side would normally be arch-enemies but for whatever reason they teamed up yesterday and we can see the fruits of that today. They are the type of people you wouldn't want to be mixing it at all. Their reputation in this area is notorious.”
Results of a post-mortem carried out on Mr Martin's body are expected to emerge this evening.
Gardai believe the results will confirm that he died from a series of stab wounds, however, the murder weapon has still not been found. Locals reported a relatively calm night in the area but tensions flared at 1.30am.
Detectives are still probing what exactly caused the first violent exchanges.
Four people were arrested for Public Order Offences but were later released and a Garda spokesperson told the Herald today that so far no further arrests have been made.
CCTV suggests that the first blows were struck inside the pub but the dispute quickly spilled into the plaza and then into a car park.
Mr Martin's body was found by gardai near the steps which lead down to the car park.
He was rushed to Tallaght Hospital where he fought for his life but was eventually pronounced dead eight hours later at 10am.
Gardai were on the scene quickly but their attempts to quell the violence were obstructed by a number of aggressive men.
After the disturbances ended officers found a man bleeding heavily in the back of a white Toyota van.
They are trying to establish whether he crawled inside the van after being injured to escape the fight or if he was dumped there. Most of those involved scattered once gardai began to make arrests.
Files have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to the four men who were detained.
Investigators were today trawling through CCTV in an attempt to establish whether people arrived at the pub with weapons or if the fight started randomly.
It is believed that some ringleaders arrived in the area with a supply of weapons shortly after the violence kicked-off.
- Kevin Doyle

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