Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hitmen brothers are leading suspects in gangland murder

Irish Herald

By Jane Last
Wednesday August 26 2009
Two brothers, hired by jailed criminals, are believed to be behind the latest gangland hit in Dublin.
The brothers are the chief suspects in the shooting dead of an associate of imprisoned gang boss Karl Breen.
Father-of-one Pierce Reid was gunned down outside his parents’ home in Clondalkin earlier this month.
The 25-year-old, a close associate of D22 gang boss Breen (28), was shot once and fled for his life.
However, the gunmen caught up with him and shot him twice more in the head. The brothers sped away from the scene in a silver BMW.
They were acting for a rival of Breen and Reid’s murder is further evidence that his D22 gang is falling apart.
Sources told the Herald that Breen, dubbed the Moet Killer, is currently under protection for his own safety in the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise where he is serving a sentence for manslaughter.
Reid’s murder is understood to have been linked to the victim’s use of young locals to rob drugs belonging to rivals of Breen.
It is understood that Breen had distanced himself from these activities shortly before Reid's death.
From prison, jailed gang leaders ordered the "hit" in a bid to keep a hold on to their drugs operation in West Dublin.
The murder of Reid has at the same time undermined the effectiveness Breen's control in West Dublin. Breen (28) relied on Reid to keep his drugs business running while he serves a nine year sentence.
He is known as the 'champagne killer' after stabbing to death one of his friends in a hotel-room party in 2006.
Martin McLaughlin died in hospital after the attack at Jurys Croke Park Hotel on January 1, 2006, following a night spent drinking Moet champagne.
They were in a group of five couples celebrating New Year's Eve.
Since he was jailed Breen has seen two other associates murdered -- Michael Hendrick, shot dead in February in Clondalkin and Christy "Git" McDonagh, who was gunned down last September in Ronanstown.
The killing of Reid has effectively closed down his drug business.
"He is in isolation in prison because of fears for his own safety and on the outside he is practically powerless to prevent his empire crumbling" said a source.
The brothers, who grew up in the same neighbourhood as one of those who hired them, are understood to have arranged to have the getaway BMW burned after it was abandoned by them.
But the fire which was set inside went out quickly and the vehicle was quickly recovered for forensic examination.
The brothers have earned their reputation as cold blooded killers and are understood to have been hired previously by one of the gangsters for another hit.
The victim was 20-year-old Thomas Joyce from Grove Lane, Coolock, who was shot dead on June 17 because he refused to pay off a huge drug debt.
He was clinically murdered with five shots to the head and back, allegedly for a fee of €15,000.
Joyce, the youngest of a family of nine, was the youngest criminal investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau.
He arrogantly displayed his drug-financed wealth and paid €70,000 in cash as a part-payment for a Range Rover sports model while also owning a range of other cars including an exclusive BMW.
- Jane Last

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