Monday, 6 July 2009

Hunt for gang's cars as innocent dad murdered

Irish Herald

CALLOUS: 'Decent' father-of-two gunned down
Shocked residents pictured at the scene of the shooting in Oakview Way.
By Conor Feehan
Monday July 06 2009
The body of a fearless dad, gunned down by criminals, lays covered by plastic sheeting on a city street.
Wayne Doherty became the latest victim of gun toting, coked up gangsters in the capital.
Four cowardly criminals in a convoy of cars took the father's life simply because he had the courage to stand up to them.
The shocking murder of Mr Doherty cast political foot dragging in the Dail over new anti-crime laws in very poor light.
Some politicians and lawyers are objecting to the tough gang legislation, aimed at long last with siding the law with the citizen and not the drugs lords.
Detectives were searching for the two cars -- one dark, one silver -- used in the convoy by the killers of the dad-of-two.
The murderers have been identified as members of a "low level gang" from the nearby area of Mulhuddart.
They had been heavily tooled up with at least two guns.
The valiant young dad had deflected one shot, but was fatally wounded by a second.
Detectives believe hard-working Mr Doherty (32) was shot dead as he tried to protect a friend and neighbour from the gang of thugs.
Friends described the delivery man and boxing enthusiast as "fearless".
Mr Doherty confronted the gang when they pulled up outside a neighbour's house at Oakview Way in Hartstown.
Gardai believe that the young dad's killers came to the area to shoot another man after a row at a christening party in a pub hours before the shooting last Saturday night.
Instead they shot the innocent Mr Doherty in front of his brother and sisters, yards from his parent's front door.
His death was the 16th gun killing to date this year. Like Limerick businessman Roy Collins, shot dead in April, Mr Doherty had no involvement whatsoever in crime.
The victim, who worked as a bread delivery man, was praised by locals as hardworking and a "decent man".
He was not at the bar where the original row took place and was called to his parent's home on Saturday evening because his family and other locals were concerned that an attack was going to take place in the area.
Detectives staged a number of raids last night on properties in the Drumheath area of Mulhuddart connected to the chief suspects for the killings, uncovering an air rifle and balaclavas.
Searches were ongoing today for the sawn-off shotgun used in the incident.
The shotgun blast that killed the dad-of-two was fired immediately after the victim tried to grab the weapon from his killers. Locals today said he didn't stand a chance as the killers immediately regained control and fired a second time.
Wayne had managed to deflect the first blast from the shotgun by trying to grab the gun form his killer, but the gunman then fired the second shot into him at point blank range.
Gardai are following a number of leads are searching for two cars -- one dark, one silver -- used by the killer and his accomplices as they fled from the scene of the murder.
"I was inside my house with my young lad when I heard the first shot, and I jumped up. But by the time I got to my feet the second shot had gone off," said one local man.
"I ran to the door, but by that time the second car the gunmen were in was passing my house an disappearing up the road," he added.
The witness said there was an instant commotion further up the road after the shooting, and he could see Wayne Doherty lying on the path.
He was rushed to the Connolly hospital in Blanchardstown in a critical condition and was pronounced dead at 5.37am.
Today the scene of the killing remained sealed off. The black plastic sheeting that had covered the bloodstains left after the shooting was gone.
Anyone with information is asked to contact gardai at Blanchardstown on 01 6667000.
- Conor Feehan

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