Wednesday, 25 June 2008

City in grip of vicious gun gangs

Irish Herald

Wednesday June 25 2008
THREE shootings in a 12-hour period in Dublin make our capital city sound like a lawless town in the Wild West.
Miraculously, more by good fortune than anything else, no one died in the fusillade of bullets at three different locations.
Two people, including a grandmother and a 29-year-old man, are recovering in hospital from bullet wounds. Another elderly man narrowly escaped death or injury.
Over the past week, this newspaper has warned of the dangers of a serious outbreak of violence between warring drug gangs and the serious risk that this will inevitably present to innocent life.
The gardai must allocate whatever resources are needed to bring these thugs under control and prevent innocent loss of life.
And the courts must apply the maximum sanctions to those reckless enough to use guns and explosives to settle so called "disputes."

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