Sunday, 24 February 2008

Gang boss under threat after row

Sunday Tribune

Mick McCaffrey, Security Editor
THE drugs gang controlled by the notorious criminal 'Fat' Freddie Thompson is on the verge of imploding after the gang boss gave a severe beating to one of his most trusted lieutenants.

Following the murder of his second-in-command Paddy Doyle in Spain three weeks ago, Thompson organised a meeting of five of his gang members in Dublin last Monday night. During the get-together a row developed between 27-year-old Thompson and a 23-year-old from the north-inner city over the future direction that the gang should take.

Thompson, along with another gang member, brutally beat their friend, leaving him bloodied and bruised in the hotel toilet.

The victim was so disoriented that he stripped down to his underwear and stumbled into the street where he managed to hail a taxi.

After receiving a phonecall he kicked out the window of the vehicle and began shouting abuse. The worried taxi driver drove to nearby Fitzgibbon Street garda station and the passenger was arrested. The man, who is the prime suspect in at least one gangland murder, was interviewed by detectives and it is anticipated that charges for criminal damage will follow.

The following day he contacted Thompson and told the gang boss that he would murder him. Gardai are taking the threat seriously and say there is no doubt that the beaten gangster has the capacity to kill.

Thompson is regarded as a "dead man walking" in gangland circles and has already been warned by gardai that there are at least two contracts out on his life.

Detectives believe that a gang from Crumlin who have been in dispute with Thompson since 2001 will attempt to capitalise on the current unrest and murder him.
February 24, 2008

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