Sunday, 4 June 2000

Irish drug baron shot dead

Henry McDonald
The Observer, Sunday 4 June 2000
Derek Dunne, one of Ireland's biggest heroin traffickers, has been shot dead in Holland.
The body of the 33-year-old from north Dublin was discovered outside his apartment in the town of Singerstrat, near Amsterdam, yesterday. A second man, an ex- soldier from Dublin, was found critically injured in the apartment, while a third was found in handcuffs.
Dutch police say several people were seen leaving the scene in a car, later found burnt out. The shooting is reportedly linked to a row among rival gangs. Dunne left Ireland four years ago after a fall-out with rival criminals. The man shot in his apartment is an associate of John Gilligan, the Dublin criminal charged in connection with the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin. The man shot in Dunne's apartment is wanted for questioning about her murder.
Last month three young Irishmen were tortured and mutilated before being shot dead in a flat at Scheveningen outside The Hague.
That murder was linked to another major Dublin heroin lord who had lost two major shipments of drugs and guns the previous year.

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